Sunday, March 28, 2010


We’re sitting together watching the news which is not something we would normally be doing but we’re both too scared to take the next step, we sit close together but not touching watching talking heads tell us how awful the world is. It’s not romantic in the
least but we are both engrossed, avoiding the inevitability of why we are sitting in a run down motel on the side of the interstate. Months of foreplay and ..midnight.. confessions led us here so surely something will come of our sneaking around now that we are finally alone.

There is suddenly breaking news and my ears perk up, dragging me out of my own head momentarily
and out of the fantasy of what I thought this night would be like, our first time and all.

The President is making a statement. Before I hear his words I think of how the public is going to rip him a new one for going on TV in a T-shirt and khakis. His words tell me though that the public will never have a chance to judge him perhaps that is
why he went on in a T-shirt, one last fuck you to the world.

"My fellow... citizens of Earth... I'm afraid I have...
catastrophic news. I'll make this quick. Covert international peace negotiations took an ugly turn today. Thousands of nuclear missiles around the globe have been launched. We have no way to stop them.

"In one hour... we are all going to be instantly vaporized in nuclear Armageddon. All life on Earth will cease to exist. There is no escape for anyone, anywhere.”

You turn to look at me as this news sinks in, your blue eyes meeting mine in the dim glow of the
TV. I don’t know what to say so for once in my life I say nothing. All of the time that we have wasted seems poetic now. That what I have yearned and longed for will be the last thing I ever do seems just somehow. There will be no time for guilt or regrets; I decide to just go for it. The worst thing that could
ever happen already has.

Standing I strip. I kick off my jeans and wiggle out of my bra, leaving on my panties as I quickly
discard my shirt. The purple panties hug my mound and your mouth hangs open as you watch me run my fingers across my dampening crotch.

I straddle you and kiss your full lips, nipping at them, demanding a response from you. Your
silken tongue slides inside and the taste of you makes me moan. I grind myself onto the swell in your jeans as you slip your hands inside my velvet panties to grip my ass. Your mouth finds its way to my neck and you nibble there in that spot, biting harder as I press my throat into your mouth. No need to worry about leaving marks makes you bold as your mouth travels to me hard, pink
nipples. I tug at your hair as you nip them hard. The pain is welcome and wanted; I need you to hurt me a little.

.. ..

Taking your hand I press it between us, your fingers find my swollen nub through the velvet and I
groan as you make me tremble. My lips are full and slick, barely contained in the fabric. Sliding down to my knees in front of you I pull your pants down and off, tossing them aside carelessly as your throbbing cock beckons to me. You are swollen and vulnerable, your head already slick before I wrap my fingers firmly around you. I lick the sweet drops of cum away and lick your from bottom to top.

Stretching my mouth wide I take you inside of me, licking as I suck deep and fast. You use the
pigtails you requested to guide me, slower at first and then harder. Soon you are fucking my face while I lick and nibble where I can, my lips trying to grip you as you thrust up and into my hot mouth. One last thrust pushes you into my throat; I gag a little as hot cum shoots inside my mouth. I pull back from you sucking as I go, not wanting to miss a drop of your juices.

Our eyes meet and you smile, white teeth flashing in the dark. I grin our silly smile right back at you as I walk over to the bed and lie down, my legs spread as I beckon you to me. Kneeling on the bed you playfully hold me down while pressing your
crotch into mine. There’s nothing quite like Armageddon to make a man ignore his natural need to rest between hard ons.

We kiss, nibble and lick each other, your chest, my stomach; we don’t miss an inch of each other.
You slide down my body until your head is lying on my thighs; your warm breath tickles me and makes me wiggle. A firm hand on my mound holds me in place though and I moan as one fingers slips inside the panties I still wear. Your finger rubs the small strip of material that hides me from your lustful gaze. It feels dirty to still have on clothing when you are completely naked.

Your fingers work themselves inside and touch me, using my own wetness as lube. You make me yelp
as you tug at one lip and then the other; I spread myself wide and urge you on, nearly begging you to be inside of me. You take your time though and leave me gasping, thrashing on the bed with just your simple touch.

Finally I can take no more and I beg you, plead with you to fuck me. You strip my panties down and
bend my legs back until they are near my ears. The first thrust is magic, hitting all the right spots to make me scream your name and cum all at once. I
spray my juices all around you and the look you give me is pure passion, raw and unfiltered. I think to myself that you were happier with my orgasm than you were your own.

.. ..

You start a rough pounding rhythm that I struggle to meet, long, hard strokes making me moan incoherently as one orgasm turns into 20. My juices drip down my thighs and my cunt makes a wet smacking sound every time you slide into me. I put one hand on your chest to stop you. If the world is ending there is one thing I know you want to try and this seems to be our only chance.

I roll over and get on all fours, poking my pale ass into the air. My ass is already slick and you need little encouragement as I pull you to me, positioning your cock outside my tight, pink ring. I spread myself open for you as you slide inside of me, stretching me like no one else ever has. You go slowly at first, the tightness surprises you, it’s almost painful but you like it. Pain is pleasure for you as well.

One hand grabs my hair and pulls me upright as the other snakes its way around my body. Your fingers rub my clit as you start to pound into me, hammering away at me. I feel an orgasm building, bigger than the ones before. I move with you, meeting your thrusts with my own. Your teeth sink into my neck as we come together, waves of pleasure washing over us.

We lay there in the dark and wait for the end to come, knowing that if we die in this moment we will
both go happily.

One hour passes….

Then another.

Turning on the news we see there is rioting in the streets, people looting like never before. On every channel there is more violence. Finally I stop on a channel that is showing the president, this time in a proper suit and tie. The last two hours have made him haggard and aged him 20 years. He’s apologizing profusely for the mix up….there is no Armageddon; we’re safe except for ourselves.

I look at you and we laugh until it hurts. When we finally catch our breath we hug goodbye. I have a husband and two kids to get home too and you have to work this afternoon. I’m still laughing as I drive away. You’re the only guy I know that it would take pending disaster to get you to fuck me.

.. ..

I wonder briefly what to tell the husband….then I decide the truth will have to do. After facing down total annihilation a little adultery has to seem petty.

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