Sunday, March 28, 2010

MEN-ogamy's more like MEN-ogamy.

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*these are just my opinions. I looked for answers to back up my opinion but everyone differs on this*

Monogamy is bullshit made up by men to keep women in line and under control. I really believe that this is how it started. Before we as a people formed societies one day a cave man saw his cave woman talking to another better looking cave man and got jealous. He came up with the idea that if he told her it was bad to do that and 2000 years later we have monogamy.

That may not be what happened exactly but it’s a theory and that’s all anyone seems to have. Apparently some scientists believe since males are large and hairy and women have boobs to attract the opposite sex that we were meant to use these assets to attract as many different mates as possible. They may be onto something there but every opinion I read is different.

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The most common thread in the non-monogamy group of people seems to be that we are just animals and since most animals don’t mate for life we probably don’t naturally either. I don’t know much about all that. I’m sure someone could come up with a theory to prove that wrong and then another to prove them wrong and so on and so forth.


Here’s why I think the way I do.

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Women of today are different than they were 2000 years ago when we were subservient to men because we needed the men to bring home the bacon, both literally and figuratively. Few women rose to power and were allowed to make laws. For the most part women were viewed as property and just like land or cattle; men did not want other men on their property. Here comes monogamy.

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The Church (controlled by men) tells everyone that lust is evil, having sex with more than one man is bad and if they don’t do exactly as they’re told they will burn in eternal hellfire. The church completely ignores the fact that the men are going out raping and pillaging. They’re men and they can do what they want to because they are more powerful of mind and can handle their lusts. Women are simple creatures who need to be told what to do.

Fast forward a couple hundred years and we have the Puritans ready to outcast a woman for showing her ankles. Their society (controlled by men) labels any woman who is not chaste and pure as evil and damaged goods. Men of course still do what they do; they’re just quieter about it at that time.

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Pre-civil war and women are still property being married off to the highest bidder and there had better be blood on the sheets on the wedding night. No one says a word to the men who go to the whorehouses or have a darkie bed warmer but women are expected to be genteel with no interest in sex except for reproduction. Women are expected to ignore the fact that we have quite a few light skinned children running around the slave quarters.

Not a lot changed between 1860 and 1960, other than getting to vote….for men. Sure some women managed to be sexual without being complete social outcasts but for the most part women were still expected to maintain an air of purity. When an unmarried girl got pregnant though it was still seen as she got “herself” in trouble, the guy who got her that way either didn’t own up to it or married her just because that was what he was supposed to do.

The sexual revolution in the 60’s changed a lot of the way the younger generation thought. Women burned their bras and went to college to get degrees instead of husbands. We marched and protested and proved we were just as good as the boys. We *gasp* wore pants and didn’t need a man to take care of us any longer.We married for love and no longer held our virginity hostage, a prize to be won or bartered for. Love was what would sustain us and see us through and sometimes that love was fleeting and we took what we could from it. Sex was no longer taboo and our vaginas no longer sacred.

Forty years later and here we are. Women are free to express themselves sexually and the one’s who can’t or won’t are considered frigid. Women on average have 4 sexual partners over the course of a lifetime and men are down to only 7. Personally I don’t know of many women who have slept with less than 10. Most people I know had reached the "average" by the end of high school. I know I had.

Now that we have conquered our sexual fears and everyone is doing it so to speak, cheating is still considered bad. Monogamy is still seen as the social “norm” even though almost no one can say that they have been monogamous in every relationship. The people who have been faithful admit to flirtations and temptations, for the most part. Everyone knows someone who has cheated at some point.

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Men used to be seen as the one’s who cheat but when 30% of paternity tests prove that the “father” is not actually the one who fertilized the egg it leads me to believe that women have just as hard of a time staying monogamous as men. It also makes me think that all these years of having to play the pure, chaste and virginal little woman is finally coming back and bitch slapping men.

What do you think? Do you think that monogamy is outdated? Do you think men created it just to make sure the children they were raising were theirs? Or do you (like me) think men labeled sex as bad and monogamy as good because they knew when we found out what fun it was we wouldn’t be as subservient as we once were?

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