Sunday, March 28, 2010


. ..

I walked into his house without knocking. If he hadn't wanted me there he would have locked the front door. Tonight was three years in the making and he wanted this just as bad as me.

His name was Kyle, six foot two with a big green eyes and a little boy grin. I melted the first time I saw him and when I saw him last week nothing had changed. No matter how long we stay apart it all comes back and we both know we have unfinished business. When I heard his voice behind me saying "hey sexy" my heart fell to my knees and I turned 6 shades of red.

All week there was a flurry of text messages, hidden notes and ..midnight.. phone calls. We couldn't stop flirting even to drive, which may have resulted in a minor fender bender but I was so caught up in Kyle I didn't care. He gave me a break from the monotony that is my life and for that alone I was falling for him fast. He didn't have much else to offer other than killer looks and the promise of great sex but he made me giggle like a school girl and that was enough.

When he told me that he would be at home and alone tonight I knew exactly what he wanted and I was more than willing to give it to him. I left work early to prepare and I primped for a while knowing tonight might be the only night we would have. Dressing in my sexiest panties, a corset and garters I felt more alive than I had in a while. I loved the way the smooth silk felt against my freshly shaven pussy and my nipples were perfectly constricted making them tighten into hard buds aching to be touched. My panties were damp before I pulled out of my driveway.

Now that I was actually walking through his house I began to wonder is this was such a good idea. There on his dining room wall was a life-sized portrait of his wife with a big white tiger lying at her feet. I knew about his wife, of course, but I had never actually seen her before. She was gorgeous, long black hair and a curvy, beautiful body. Before I could finish thinking about whether I should turn around and walk away Kyle opened the bedroom door and pulled me in.

He kissed me hard on the mouth as he pushed me onto the bed. His lips were painfully hard on mine and I moaned against them as he bit at my lips. He nibbled along my jaw line and then bit hard into my neck making me scratch at his shirt needing to feel his skin with my hands. I ripped at the buttons making some pop off and hit the floor. Kyle was not being anymore delicate with my dress, he ripped both spaghetti straps down and then pulled my breasts out from my corset licking and sucking on my nipples hungrily.

I was moaning and holding his head to me, my hands buried in his silken hair. My legs wrapped around his hips as he ground his pelvis into mine sending shivers down my spine and making me cry out his name. My dress was pushed around my hips and I could feel his hard cock pressed tightly to my dripping slit. I arched into him wanting to feel his warm skin pressing into me.

"Kyle, please fuck me," I pleaded. He bit my nipple then and I screamed loud. I could feel my orgasm building inside me and I wanted him in me when I came.

I squeezed my hand between our bodies to feel his rock hard erection. Tugging at the zipper I freed him from the confines of his jeans and wrapped my hand around him, squeezing tightly. Kyle gasped and tried to pull away but I held him tightly between my thighs as I slid my hand around him, pulsing my fingers around his quivering shaft.

Kyle tried pulling my panties off but gave up quickly and ripped them instead, shoving them to the side as he pulled back enough to kneel between my legs. Grabbing both my legs he leaned me back until he could rest me on his thighs. With one hand holding my legs in the air he slid his cock into my warm, drenched pussy in one long stroke. He buried himself there and held me in place for a moment. His green eyes stared down into my brown ones and I couldn't look away. He draped my legs over his shoulder and started pounding into me slowly. I tried use my hands to urge him on faster but he pinned my hands to the bed and continued his long, deep thrusts staring down at me the whole time, watching my face as I writhed under him.

His breaths started coming in short pants and I could see sweat beading on his forehead. With a loud moan he pounded into me, deeper than before, making me buck up into him. He still held my hands down as he fucked me harder, making every move count as waves of pleasure rolled through my body. My pussy tightened around him until I could feel every ridge of his cock. It felt like he got bigger with every thrust and as my next orgasm hit me I arched my back and screamed, pushing him into me until he hit my cervix.

Kyle stopped moving and let me ride him, using my hips to fuck him as hard and fast as I could. His cock was still rock hard and I could feel him trembling inside me, holding back from cumming. He took back control and pulled back enough to slam into me one last time, making me scream as I squirted around him, soaking both our thighs.

He pulled out of me but his eyes never left mine as I lay there trembling, the aftershocks rippling through my body making me moan. I heard a noise behind me but didn't look up. I was in pure bliss and nothing could have made me budge. I closed my eyes and drifted off, half asleep.

When I opened my eyes later I saw that I was completely naked and tied to the bed. Someone had moved me so that I was tied to headboard with thick rope. I looked around for Kyle but didn't see anyone.

"Good you're awake. Now I can have my fun," a female voice said from behind the bed making me jump and pull at the ropes uselessly, struggling to see who was talking to me.

.. ..

Kyle's wife came to the side of the bed. She was dressed all in red leather and more beautiful than her portrait. She looked evil and stunning all at the same time. I opened my mouth to speak but she shushed me and I closed my mouth, staring wide eyed at her.

"You didn't think you were going to get away with fucking my husband, did you?" she asked prowling around the bed. "You were just a snack for him. Why would he want chopped steak when he can have filet mignon?"

She was giving this speech as she hiked up her skirt to climb on the bed, straddling my waist. "I encourage him to find stupid little sluts like you that we can both enjoy. Unfortunately we weren't able to get you here before now or this could have all happened years ago."

A flash of silver caught my eye and I followed it as she brought it down to my wrists. For a brief moment I thought she was going to cut the ropes, then I felt the knife cit into my flesh and for the first time I screamed in terror. She worked quickly, slitting both my wrists expertly in seconds and making tiny cuts on my breast and stomach. The coppery scent of blood filled the air and I heard a moan from behind me as the woman smeared my blood into her skin, coating every inch of her bare skin with it.

"Kyle, you had better hurry. I don't think this one is going to last long." I could still hear her but it seemed like she was very far away. Everything was going fuzzy around the edges and I couldn't concentrate. When Kyle came into view I managed to look at him and started to plead with him. A sharp slap to my face stopped my words though.

I could feel my life pouring out of me and I found myself floating above my body, watching as Kyle's wife lay on her back propped up between my legs. Completely naked Kyle climbed on top of her, lapping at her blood soaked skin. I was screaming and thrashing but my body wasn't responding even though I could feel as he thrust inside of her while running his hands over me, pushing more blood to the surface. This seemed to excite him and he fucked his wife hard, shaking my lifeless body as I watched helplessly, unable to do anything as the last of my life's blood drained out onto the silken sheets. The last thing I saw before I lost all consciousness was Kyle pulling out and shooting cum across my body. Kyle's wife rolled over and licked up every drop of his cum, smearing her face into my blood.

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