Sunday, March 28, 2010


I met Adam on Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year in the most romantic place on Earth, the Shady Ladies. Shady Ladies wasn’t a bad place, it was actually pretty fun or at least I hoped so. Being a Shady Lady myself it was my job to is make it so fun that the men who come there never want to leave. We didn’t sell romance by any means though...what we sold was more leather than lace.

Valentine’s Night was a busy night. We had frat boys, interns and divorcees galore. They were dropping 50s and 100s that they could have spent on any girl like it was nothing to them, all in some desperate attempt to make themselves believe that being without one single person of the opposite sex who will agree to go out with you on the most important “date” night of the year is not truly sad and pathetic. I was having a blast. Raven and Diamond and I were working a group of suits who were too drunk to say no when I climbed on Adam’s lap.

He wasn’t like the other guys, pawing and squeezing until you wanted to spit in their face and stomp their balls. Adam was respectful and looked us in the eye, something that a lot of the men there couldn’t do. Whether it was lack of respect or just mindless lust was a question none of us ever really answered but depending on how long you had been there you had your theories. I had been there long enough to realize I didn’t care, why would I want respect from someone I could never give it to?

Adam looked at me, looked into me when as I danced for him. He enjoyed the dance, which I could feel for myself but he studied me in a way most men are incapable of when they have a lithe and classically trained young woman bouncing on their lap. Towards the end of his song his breath quickened but his eyes never wavered. He was a gorgeous guy but honestly I was glad my set was coming up and I needed to change. I gave him a peck on the cheek and shook my ass when I got up.

As soon as I was backstage I sent Amber in to help Raven and Diamond and I dressed in my outfit. I had on a rip away bustier that pushed my breasts almost to my chin, thigh high stocking and shy high heels with a whip to play with onstage. My hair fell almost to my bare ass, a shimmering wave of garnet that shined on top of all the leather.

The first strains of my song came on and I took the stage not even knowing who my victim would be until I was onstage. There was the lucky guy, either a birthday boy, the groom at a bachelor’s party or some other poor shmuck whose friends had paid for him to get to be part of my routine. I didn’t always use audience members, many of the girls would volunteer to be my slave, some because they wanted the attention more though because they enjoyed playing with me.

When I saw Adam my step faltered but I kept going. The only way I can do my job is to not think about it too much when it is happening. He had disturbed me with his stare earlier but the show must go on. I warmed up the crowd using Adam as my pole. I wrapped myself around him and rid him like he was my favorite roller coaster, the whip hanging harmless off of my wrist. As I rubbed myself on his thigh he regained some of his earlier firmness and I knew it was time for me to get to work. I worked my stockings off while still lying on Adam’s lap.

I smacked my pussy with my whip hard enough to make Adam’s eye get big and his dick grow harder. Sitting up I took off the bustier and rubbed my nipples on Adams open mouth. I could feel his breath tickling me, making the ice I had used earlier unnecessary. He was really starting to enjoy himself when the first song ended. I dismounted and went behind Adam feeling his eyes follow me.

I take Adams hand and turn him to pole behind him. The bouncer quickly takes away the chair he was sitting in. Pushing his back and making him hug the pole I tie his hands in front of him. I dance around him but as soon as he tried to move from where I put him I give him a little swat with the whip. His look of shock is hot, park shock, part anger. I can tell he didn’t expect to become the entertainment. I hope he doesn’t cry, I hate when they do takes away all of the fun.

When he moves again I spank him a little harder. This time the front row of people eagerly watching me can hear the hiss of the whip and there is a collective “ooo” sound among even the biggest of men. The only thing protecting his ass is air and khaki and before they know it I whip it out again, this time for looking back into the crowd. Adam looks somewhere between intrigued and pissed.

I got close enough to whisper in his ear, “Had enough or you want to play some more?” He whispered back, “Yes I want to play but on my terms, meet me later.” I shake my head at him and gave him a few more light smacks for the crowd. He wasn’t drunk or into it enough for me to do my usual routine of pulling down his pants and spanking him with my hand and then making him felate my boot. . Besides I have learned from experience there are some men who just can’t submit.

After untying him and leading him offstage I went back to put some bottoms. You can’t actually walk through the club with your twat hanging out, some kind of health regulation. When I came back onto the floor another girl was with Adam and I went on with my night, playing with one of my regulars for the last few hours. I was one of the only girls to have my own personal back room but most of my customers were willing to pay the price.

By the time I had gotten showered and dressed for home Tony the bartender had a cab waiting for me. Normally I drove myself but not after working for 12 hours straight. Adam was waiting outside for me, shivering in the February weather. I was hoping he wouldn’t recognize me in my faded jeans and leather coat and hair wrapped in a scarf. With no makeup or hair extensions a lot of men who had spent hundreds to spend time with me didn’t notice me on the street.

I told Tony to go on after I got my bags in the cab. The guy who came and picked me up was a friend and carried a .45 in the seat beside him. I figured I would be okay.

“I didn’t get your name,” Adam said looking at me with intense gaze that had disturbed me earlier. Without me being naked and on his lap it was even stranger to have a man look at me like that.

“It’s up in lights,” I said pointing to the big billboard with my picture on it. “Destiny fulfills every desire” was that latest gimmick but most people just knew me as The Mistress.

“No not that one, your real one.” He came just close enough that I wanted to take a step back but I know better than to show weakness, even to someone like him.

“That’s none of your business and I am tired. Happy Valentine’s Day,” I said as I slid my tired legs into the car. Al looked in his rearview mirror to see if I needed help and I just shook my head.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you or anything,” he said sincerely and I could tell he really meant it. My heart softened a little as I rolled down the window.

“You really want to know my name?” I asked, not for the first time in my career, what came next though did shock me a little bit.

“I’ll tell you my name if you buy me a cup of coffee and a donut...I could really use a donut.”

“Sure, I can do that,” he says reaching for door handle.

We ride in virtual silence, me with my head resting on the back of the seat, him sitting beside me wondering what he got himself into. I was just tired and wanted a few minutes of silence after the hours of listening to bass thumping, booty shaking music. There were only a few girls who would dance to anything other than hard core rap and after a while it became monotonous and just white noise.

We got to my coffee shop and I ordered and then sat down where Al who was sitting in the car could see me. He waved from behind his magazine letting me know he was keeping an eye on me.

When Adam sat down with my coffee and doughnut I looked at him for a few minutes without saying a word, seeing if he would take the lead and ask for what he wanted. I figured if he went back to being pushy about the name thing I could just take my coffee and leave him there. He seemed content just to sit there and sip his coffee and look back at me which was unusual.

“My name is Gabrielle. My friends call me Gabby.” I told him trying to see if he would be disappointed once I took away the last hint of my stripper persona. Some guys look crestfallen when I tell them my name is something simple.

“Hi, Gabby. I’m Adam but I think one of the guy’s already told you that,” a little boy grin breaking out over his face.

We talked for almost an hour and Al even took him home, first of course I still didn’t know him well enough to let him know where I lived. I was surprised to see he lived in a really nice neighborhood, the kind where it matters if the silverware matches when company comes.

He called me the next afternoon sounding chipper and happy while I was feeling sore and tired. For some reason I decided to go to the park to meet him anyway, We laughed and walked the dogs and he never brought up anything about my job, it was wonderful really. For the next week we met at the park everyday, me with my Great Dane named Tulip and him with his Corgi named Diesel. We had the most mismatched dogs there but we were having the most fun. He was so easy to talk to that when he asked me out on a real date I didn’t hesitate to say no. When we made love the first time on my birthday 10 days after we first met I knew I loved him and he said he loved me.

By July we were vacationing together in Hawaii and I was happier than I had been in ages. I took an entire month off of work to fly with him to Paris when he had to be there for work. It was truly one of the best years of my life. He never asked about my work but he didn’t complain either so I thought it best to let sleeping dogs lie. He was the first boyfriend I had ever had who didn’t beg me to quit or treat me like his own personal whore so I didn’t want to rock the boat by asking him if it bothered him. Some part of me knew though since I went to extra effort to hide my costumes and make up when he came over. I was never as neat as when I knew he would be spending a day or two at my place.

The sex was great but tamer than what I normally liked. Any time I tried to get a little kinky he would let me know in subtle ways that he preferred to be make love not fuck and I let him get away with it. Love this fresh and new was not to be disturbed, we could work on some things later if that is what it came to. For once I felt safe and I wasn’t going to let anything, especially something as meaningless as sex destroy it. I lied to myself all the time....what was one more lie?

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